Barons Hockey

Barons Hockey Academy

Dear Parents and Athletes,

On behalf of the on-ice staff I would like to take the opportunity to welcome everyone to the 2011 Louis St. Laurent Hockey Academy. We are dedicated to the consummate training of every player in order to take their skills to the next level. Every day we will strive to improve and make a difference towards each player's dedication, skill and understanding of the world of hockey and we are committed to every young player who laces up their skates in providing them with a positive, enthusiastic environment where leadership qualities will not only assist them in becoming better hockey players, but perhaps more importantly, instill positive character traits that are to be used away from the arena.

We are extremely fortunate to have a high level of coaches who understand the game and how to teach it.

Come ready to learn, work hard and have fun.



L.S.L.H.A. Head Coach